Learning By Doing: Character Animation

Welcome! Today’s topic is… character animation!

Altough I’ve spent more than 10 years of my life as a professional 3D artist, I’ve never really done animations and if someone asked me a few weeks ago about my animation skills, my answer probably would have been:”I can set keyframes and move a cube from a to b. Give me a few hours more and I can also add a slight rotation.”

As an indie game developer, I’m trying to do most of the required work by myself to keep the production cost low. My game fortunately only requires quite simple first person animations. But there are a few animations that I’d describe as pretty tough based on my animation abilities. Tackling those is really challenging for me.

Nevertheless, I decided to try it on my own and the first results were relatively awkward. A few days passed by and the results didn’t really improve (so did my mood).

To get out of this valley of pain, I decided to get some professional help and found a pretty nice youtube channel with tips and tricks for animators, called New Frame Plus. The channel helped me to get some inspiration and to find even more useful resources for animators.

I finally landed on the gumroad page of Jason Shum. He offers so incredibly useful content on his page and explains the key principles of character animation. His videos really helped me to improve my animation skills in just a few days and I’m so happy that I found his tutorials!

At this point I wouldn’t call myself an animator or even something close to that, but Jason’s videos teached me how to visualize and block out my ideas so much better than before. I absolutely recommend watching his videos if you’re interested in animation. They’re absolutely worth the money and you won’t be disappointed, I promise!

And finally, here’s a short preview of one of my animation blockings:


Stay tuned for more and have a nice day!




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